Do you know the saying: „honesty is a virtue“? Most of us know this phrase. But what most people forget is how honesty is really a very expensive gift. Let me tell you why.


This was famously said by Warren Buffett, one of my great idols. No day goes by where I am not reminded of this little quote. Working on a career, on a family or on a business has many similarities. The environment and competition is fierce. It takes up all energies.

For many women, being honest comes with high costs.

Mr. Buffett sees it in a very simple and straight forward way: many people nowadays prefer lying and bending instead of telling the truth. It is much easier being dishonest. On the other side it takes a strong character to live a honest life.

Even though being honest is regarded as a virtue, most of us treated it like a flaw. For me personally, giving feedback is more of an appreciation I have for other people. If I dont tell the truth, others can neither learn nor improve. No matter which methods you use telling the truth is seen as criticism and people take it intensely personal. This is something which comes at a high price – one’s ego, social status, ambition.

Designed to honor honesty

To honor  all the women who put honesty over their personal wellbeing I designed „Angel Honesty“.

The ring was created with a green emerald. Green, in many cultures, represent honesty, harmony and optimism. The emerald itself is a stone for the heart. It is said to have healing powers for the heart and the soul. To live a truethfull life women need a strong emotional center.

The two blue topazes represent truth and honour. Blue is also a colour for professionalism which most of us truth tellers are seeking for. Ambitions women need to shine brighter than their male counterparts. The topaz should help with complex thinking, creativity and helps achieve perfection in various projects.


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